L&T Tech certified to Alexa-enable devices

Lynx: An Alexa-enabled robot

L&T Technology Services has been certified by Amazon to put Alexa voice technology into all kinds of devices.

Alexa is a voice-interaction technology developed by Amazon, and is quickly emerging as one of the leading standards of voice-based interaction for devices.

While it started out as a way to interact with Amazon devices such as Fire TV and Echo speakers, in recent times, Amazon has had much success in persuading third-party device makers to add support for this technology into their devices.

As such, many devices — such as lamps, refrigerators and TVs — today ‘obey’ commands issued by Alexa, which can in turn be directed using human voice commands.

L&T Technology Services’ role will be to help any third party organization to add support for Alexa voice commands.

“As technology revolutionizes every aspect of human life, products too have become more complex and smart with a combination of hardware, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, software, and connectivity,” the Indian company said.

“To ideate new voice activated products and expand the availability of voice recognition service across consumer and industrial digital appliances, LTTS in its capacity as an AVS Consulting and Professional Services provider, will deliver scale in capabilities, skills and capacity, access to new markets and specialization in technology and vertical domains for global enterprises, end-consumers and technology principals,” it added.

“With the growing demand for digital voice recognition-enabled devices, the technological disruptions brought about by engineering services in the embedded devices space are ever rising,” said Seema Ghanekar, Global Head – Industrial & Consumer Products, L&T Technology Services.

“In fact, the suggested approach is to engineer experiences for endusers rather than the gadgets. With expertise in industrial market, product development,” she added.

Amazon said LTTS is one of the number of such integration partners it has approved.

Amazon is likely to face tough competition in the voice-technology market from rivals like Google and Microsoft, who also have advanced language-processing technologies under active development.

An inability to fully understand voice commands is the key stumbling block to the expansion of the use of robots outside industrial and military use.

A sophisticated language processing capability will make robots ubiquitous in human society in the form of waiters, domestic assistants, butlers, shop-hands and even friends and life-long companions/spouses.