Wipro opens digital products compliance lab in Hyderabad

Outsourcing company Wipro has opened a digital product compliance lab in Hyderabad for automotive, defense, consumer electronics, aerospace, telecom, medical, energy and manufacturing.

Wipro said it is now home to the only lab in South East Asia qualified to certify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

Globally, devices have to comply with a variety of emission and safety standards, or the products get caught in import bans.

Because of the varying standards and expectations in each country, it becomes difficult for global manufacturers to ensure compliance in each jurisdiction. Facilities like Wipro’s Tarang Labs help ease the process by providing a one-stop-shop to test for compliance across the world.

Wipro also offers product design and interoperability testing services, which can also come in handy in case any product turns out to be non-compliant with any particular standard and needs to be fine tuned to comply.

India is emerging as a favored destination for electronics manufacturers across the world.

The new lab, which has a key focus on security, is equipped with cutting-edge environment chambers designed to simulate harsh environments to test products, Wipro said. It also features a state-ofthe-art facility for Wi-Fi devices.

The 10,000 square feet can test for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), safety, environment, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, shock & vibration, noise, material, calibration and medical devices.

Wipro is one of India’s largest employers with over 170,000 employees and has businesses in six continents.