Delhi Metro to be expanded at a cost of Rs 25,000 cr

The government of India today approved three new lines for the Delhi Metro at a cost of Rs 25,000 cr.

The so-called phase 4 metro expansion will see three lines — from Aerocity to Tuqlaqabad, from RK Ashram to Janakpuri and from Mukandpur to Mauzpur.

In all, the three lines will add a total of 67 km to the existing 327 km length.

The Delhi Metro is already the world’s ninth largest metro system by length, and comprises 8 lines.

It is estimated to carry about 3.5 million passengers per day.

The Delhi Metro is India’s largest metro system, and the second oldest after Calcutta Metro.

The success of Delhi Metro led to the development of similar projects in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and other cities, though the take-up and extent has not been similar.