Bajaj Auto India two-wheeler sales up 6% in February

Bajaj Auto, the country’s biggest two-wheeler exporter, reported a jump of 16% in its February exports, and an increase of 6% in domestic sales.

Overall, the company’s total sales for the month were up 10%.

Bajaj Auto sold 1.87 lakh motorcycles in India during February, and exported 1.41 lakh.

The performance is well below what was seen in previous months.

In January, for example, Bajaj Auto’s domestic sales had risen 14% to 2.31 lakh, while exports had risen 16% at 1.75 lakh.

Similarly, the company was able to report a 28% jump in its domestic motorcycle sales on average for the current financial year, while exports have risen by 24% this year so far.
The year will end in March.

Unlike its competitors, Bajaj Auto does not make scooters, a segment that has helped competitors like TVS Motor overtake Bajaj Auto in terms of overall sales.

Besides two-wheelers, Bajaj Auto also makes three-wheelers or auto- rickshaws, a market where it has a share of over 50%.

In February, sales of three-wheelers fell 9% in India to 35,183, while exports jumped 37% to 29,921 units. Overall, three-wheeler sales were up 8% in February.

The performance of three-wheelers too has been well below what was seen in the year so far.

For the year so far, total three-wheeler sales are up 24% at 7.12 lakh units.