Oil India finds gas in two wells in Assam in Q2

Oil India Limited (OIL) said it found hydrocarbons in two explorator wells in Assam in the July-September quarter.

The first one, in Dibrugarh, produced natural gas at the rate of 1.15 lakh cubic meters per day, while the second one, in Tinsukia, produced gas at 1 lakh scmd.

These numbers are at the higher end of production for gas wells. In fact, many new-generation, shale-gas wells produce as little as 5,000 cubic meters per day, though they can also go up to 50,000 cubic meters.

“These discoveries are envisaged to open up new areas for further exploration in Assam and would help in enhancing the gas production with future appraisal & development activities,” the Eastern-India focused oil and gas producer said.

The first well, West Lohali -1, encountered gas in 13 meters of Barail sand at a depth of 2,357 m.

The second well, Dhakuwal-l, encountered oil and gas at 15 meters of  “LK+TH sand” at a depth of 3,875 meters, it added.

The second well also produced condensate (or liquids) at the rate of 22 cubic meters per day.