Infosys doubles investment in startup TidalScale to $3 mln

Outsourced services provider Infosys said it has made yet another investment of $1.5 mln in start-up software company TidalScale, taking the total to $3 mln.

TidalScale creates software that helps ‘merge’ multiple servers (or powerful computers) into a giant and super-powerful unit.

Traditionally, the need for more power has been met by ‘clustering’ servers together. However, clustering requires the software to adapt to running on machines with tens or hundreds of processors.

Many software programs are not designed to run on 100 cores or more. Some software vendors charge users based on the number of cores that the software has to support.

The ability to ‘merge’ multiple, commodity servers into ‘one’ is supposed to help companies use high-power computers, without buying the latest and greatest hardware to do so.

Such requirements are coming to the fore as companies focus more and more on analyzing vast amounts of data to derive competitive insights.

Deepak Padaki, Executive Vice President said TidalScale’s offerings have wide application in the enterprise space.

“Their groundbreaking software-defined server technology addresses a key challenge that many enterprises face – to rapidly increase the return on their existing investments in technology infrastructure assets,” he said .

“It is especially relevant to dynamically scale the compute power of servers for applications such as big data analytics, which are growing exponentially.”

Gary Smerdon, President and CEO at TidalScale said his company’s approach to scaling is helping clients in far-reaching ways, and he was ‘excited’ to get backing from a company like Infosys.

“Our customers are discovering that they don’t have to implement costly new hardware or get bogged down in rewriting code so their workloads can run across clusters.”

The investment is expected to be completed by the end of this month.