Tata DoCoMo offers 1GB daily + free calls at Rs 179 with Airtel 3G

Tata DoCoMo, which recently announced that it was moving its customers to Bharti Airtel’s network before a merger of the two companies, has started offering unlimited calls and daily data.

Even though users won’t be able to latch on to Bharti Airtel’s 4G network, they can use its 3G network under an intra-circle roaming agreement.

As such, Tata DoCoMo users will be able to get 1GB of 3G data per day and unlimited calls at Rs 178 for 28 days. This is 11% cheaper than what Airtel is offering its own subscribers.

Bharti Airtel’s 28-day pack is priced at Rs 199.

“Best priced unlimited packs on one of the largest 3G networks,” said Tata DoCoMo. “With these, you won’t ever miss out on any chat, movie or game.”

The key difference between the packs offered by the two companies is that Tata DoCoMo is offering only 3G data, while Airtel offers both 3G and 4G.

The move was widely expected as DoCoMo users would also have been keenly interested in daily data plans just like other telecom customers.

However, the company’s limited 3G network had prevented it from offering daily-data and unlimited plans, which eventually led to many customers porting to other networks and the eventual sale of the company.

Despite the new offer, Tata DoCoMo will not be the cheapest data services provider in the country.

That position will continue to be enjoyed by Reliance Jio, which offers 1 GB per day and unlimited calls for Rs 149 for 28 days.

Almost three months ago, Tata Teleservices announced that it was more or less giving away its wireless business to industry leader Bharti Airtel as it no longer considered it viable to continue with it.

The transaction is awaiting various regulatory permissions before getting consummated.

Once the permissions are in place, Tata DoCoMo users will become Bharti Airtel users and will be able to use the latter’s 4G network as well.