TCS sets up new delivery center in Hyderabad for US-based Zebra Technologies

Tata Consultancy Services, India’s biggest foreign exchange generator, said it has set up a Global Development Center in Hyderabad to cater to Zebra Technologies, a billion-dollar US corporation that specializes in tracking technologies such as bar codes and RFID.

The new center will provide “operational efficiencies and an enhanced customer experience” for the client, TCS said.

Zebra Technologies had earlier selected TCS as its managed services supplier for IT and infrastructure services.

The center deliver IT and network services. It will also provide managed infrastructure an Oracle-led business transformation program.

“TCS will implement a unified global solution by leveraging its enterprise and infrastructure expertise, enabling Zebra to gain additional operational efficiencies though Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Mobile solutions, to automate and integrate processes, ultimately elevating the customer experience,” the company said.

“Our relationship with TCS has enabled us to scale our services globally and realize operational efficiencies as we grow and transform our business,” said Deepak Kaul, Chief Information Officer, Zebra Technologies.

Since 2015, TCS has provided Zebra Technologies a range of services and digital technologies.

TCS, like its peers, helps big global corporations run and manage their IT operations. Due to its offshore, India-based model, TCS is able to carry out the IT work for its clients at a fraction of the cost that they would have endured in-house.

With over 300,000 employees and billions of dollars in revenues, the company is India’s biggest generator of foreign exchange and also the biggest non-government employer.