Google’s AWS rival cloud services come to India

Google has opened its first data center for third-party cloud services in India at Mumbai.

This will enable developers to host their applications, websites and other IT projects within India, enabling faster response times for their customers in the country.

Before this, the closest location was Singapore.

Google offers various services, such as virtual servers, networking solutions and so on as part of its cloud solutions, and competes directly with Amazon Web Services or AWS — the leader in providin on-demand IT infrastructure.

“The new Mumbai region, asia-south1, joins Singapore, Taiwan, Sydney and Tokyo in Asia Pacific and makes it easier to build highly available, performant applications using resources across those geographies,” the search giant said.

“Hosting applications in the new region can improve latency from 20-90% for end users in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and of course Mumbai, compared to hosting them in the closest region, Singapore,” it added.

However, Google and Amazon tend to be more oriented towards developers looking for hosting their application under development, rather than for hosting busy apps and websites due to their pricing.

While Amazon has indeed started offering cheaper solutions under its Lightsail sub brand in the US, Google is yet to do so.

The company, however, is offering $300 worth of free credit for new customers who want to try out the service.