Infosys to deliver private cloud solution based on Suse Linux and Openstack

IT services provider Infosys said it now offers a private cloud solution built using SUSE Linux and Openstack.

The solution will make use of Openstack cloud and datacenter solutions developed by Germany-based Micro Focus SUSE.

Infosys and Micro Focus SUSE have jointly invested in a center of excellence to develop validated reference architectures, accelerators and factory based migration solutions which will help customers in rapid adoption of private cloud built on SUSE OpenStack.

Private clouds are centralized deployments of all kinds of enterprise software, which are then accessed by a company’s staff using the internet or private connections. They are considerably cheaper than traditional PC-based deployments as they can be managed at one place.

Micro Focus SUSE is one of the key players in opensource cloud technologies, along with others like Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, VMware and Canonical.

Besides such open source technologies, there are also proprietary platforms such as those offered by Microsoft and SAP.

“This solution will help businesses significantly accelerate their digital transformation journey by being hardware agnostic, enabling faster time to market through rapid adoption, providing faster delivery of services, and greater infrastructure agility and control,” Infosys said.

Infosys will be listed as a strategic Global Platinum partner by SUSE, which would help the company win deployment contracts.

Infosys has over 500 architects and consultants having data center transformation and migration capabilities, it said.

With this, Infosys will be able to further strengthen its presence in Europe and generate new businesses and insights, said Ravi Kumar, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Infosys.

“This new solution will empower Infosys’ clients with extreme automation backed by best-in-class professional services, which will not only provide enhanced agility but also create newer experiences,” he said.

Opensource technologies help companies keep their costs under control as they don’t have to pay licence fees to companies like SAP, Oracle or Microsoft.

“Organisations will be able to invest much more in digital transformation by reducing cost of services through open source adoption. We believe that this collaboration will impact businesses positively and help them propel their digital strategy especially in sectors such as financial services, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, energy and utilities,” Kumar added.

Ronald de Jong, Micro Focus SUSE, President of Sales said the collaboration is aimed at helping companies transition their data centers to the next generation of software-defined using lower cost open source solutions.

“System integrators like Infosys are critical in bridging legacy IT with emerging cloud-native technologies using SUSE OpenStack Cloud.”

Besides Infosys, Wipro is also betting big on opensource software in the enterprise domain.