TCS launches AI-based IT incident prevention solution in Japan

Tata Consultancy Services launched its artificial intelligence-based IT repair and prevention solution, ignio, in Japan.

“When System outages occur today, businesses dedicate vast resources to rectify the problem. Oftentimes, multiple teams are called together to identify the root cause and devise resolution plans.

“This can take Several hours and sometimes days. ignio” is able to rapidly identify the same root cause within minutes, and is even able to resolve the problem autonomously,” the Indian IT major said.

Globally, the platform was launched in June 2015, and manages over 1 mln infrastructure resources for various Fortune 500 enterprises globally, TCS said.

The solution works by creating a 360-degree view of the enterprise and learns the normal behavior of the entire environment in order to provide key insights for better decision making.

Once it learns the enterprise context, it is able to rapidly identify and even resolve IT incidents within minutes, allowing IT personnel to focus on strategic business initiatives.

In addition, enterprises can build intelligent automation workflows with ignio to simplify time-consuming tasks.

It also has a “predictive engine” that allows client companies to simulate future state to predetermine changes that need to be made to their environment. It issues warnings about potential IT failures before they occur, TCS said.

“While we believe that many enterprises in Japan have started on the journey to transform in the new digital economy by leveraging forces like AI [artificial intelligence], we have observed globally that many Al products today require long learning cycles,” said Akhilesh Tripathi, TCS Head of Global Sales for Software Products.

“Instead, we prebuilt ignio with IT application and infrastructure knowledge, therefore allowing ignio to begin delivering value in less than six weeks.”

TCS Japan has established a strong team of local engineers and support personnel to begin delivering ignio, it added.

A pilot test of the solution was carried out with Mitsubishi, whose IT unit was acquired by TCS three years ago.

“We have been thoroughly satisfied with ignio’s results and the speed with which they were delivered through this pilot,” said Takeshi Higuchi, General Manager, IT Planning Department for Mitsubishi.

He said the solution lowered incident recovery time by 30% and slashed incident response work volumes by 50%.

It has “all but eliminated human error,” he added.