IT companies using illegal tactics to force workers to resign: FITE

The Forum for IT Employees, arguably the IT workers rights organization with the largest number of well-wishers and supporters, accused IT companies of using illegal and unethical means to force their workers to submit their resignations.

In a meeting with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, the organization accused the companies of using harassment techniques that were not above board.

The forum detailed the “mental harassment of the employees were confined in meeting rooms for long hours without access to computer, even their mobile and even denied for bio calls until they sign resignation papers,” the organization said in a statement.

Maharashtra labor minister Sambhaji Patil was also present at the meeting, it said.

The chief minister assured the delegation that the government will investigate the matter. He also promised to see if a committee needs to be set up to study the HR practices of IT companies in this regard.

IT companies prefer to force unwanted employees to resign, instead of terminating them, as terminating workers in India, particularly in larger numbers, is a legally onerous process.

Most companies offer 3 to 6 months of basic salary — equivalent to about about 2 months of full salary — to those who resign voluntarily.