Kapil Mishra to file FIR against Arvind Kejriwal

Estranged Aam Aadmi Party leader Kapil Mishra said he will file a police complaint against Arvind Kejriwal today.

The rebel AAP leader has accused the party supremo of taking bribes and acting like a dictator within the party.

“It is with a heavy heart that I am doing this,” Mishra said, while reading from a prepared statement.

“Today, I am shooting an arrow at the very teacher who taught me how to shoot,” he said, adding that he learnt how to ‘fight corruption’ from the AAP supremo.

“Whatever Arvind Kejriwal used to do, I am doing now. Whatever other politicians used to do (by filing defamation suits), Kejriwal is doing,” the ex-minister said.

He said Kejriwal has no idea about the incriminating material that he has in his possession. He said he will not give out any evidence that can be tampered with by the Delhi chief minister, but will save some of them for the courts.

He also said he was not going for a complaint related to the so-called ‘tanker scam’, but there are many other scams related to the AAP.

He also warned Kejriwal against trying any ‘dirty tricks’.

Mishra said he was aware of efforts to get him disqualified from the Delhi Assembly.

“Remember this, I know all about your tricks,” Mishra said.

He said he got 211 complaints about the AAP and the AAP government in the last few hours. “Everyone is coming out with their complaints now.”

Though there are accusations that Mishra is acting at the behest of the Bharatiya Janata Party, no proof or evidence has so far been brought to the ground to substantiate the allegations.

Anna Hazare, who was the mentor for Arvind Kejriwal in the early part of the latter’s career, said he was not fully convinced by the allegations of Mishra.

“If he was really an honest person, why did he not come out when he saw the act of bribery happening,” Hazare said.