TRAI’s MySpeed app pulled from Google Play Store

The TRAI MySpeed App

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s network benchmarking app MySpeed is no longer listed on the Android Play Store.

The link for the app throws an error saying ‘the requested URL was not found on this server’.

It is not clear whether TRAI pulled the application or whether it was taken down by Google.

It is however available on Apple’s Appstore for iPhones and iPads.

TRAI MySpeed had been in the headlines in recent times due to claims and counter-claims by India’s top 4G operators Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel about which network was the fastest in India.

While rival speedtest operator Ookla crowned Airtel the king of speed, Jio was shown as the fastest network on TRAI’s platform.

However, both Ookla and TRAI numbers are based on the volume of tests carried out by the public, and the data can be manipulated by operators if they so decide.

According to the latest monthly numbers available on MySpeed, Jio had an average download speed of 15 Mbps while Idea had 11.9 Mbps and Jio’s network partner Reliance Communications recorded 3.9 Mbps.

However, these numbers were based on just around 30,000 tests for Airtel and Idea, and 5 lakh tests for Jio.

The claims and counter claims over speed has seen companies send legal notices to data providers.