Maruti Suzuki’s Vitara Brezza sells 1.1 lakh units in first year

Vitara Brezza, the sports utility vehicle from Maruti Suzuki, has sold over 1.1 lakh units in its first year, the carmaker said in an update marking one year of the car’s launch.

In total, around 36 lakh four-wheeled passenger vehicles are expected to be sold in India the current financial year, giving the model a market share of about 3.1%.

The Brezza, arguably the most stylish creation by Maruti Suzuki and a rare departure from the understated, almost boring looks of its other products, has been one of the most successful launches by any company in recent years.

The SUV competes with Ford Ecosport and Hyundai Creta.

Both Brezza and Ecosport are priced in the Rs 8.5 to Rs 11 lakh bracket, while the Creta starts at that price and goes all the way up to around Rs 16 lakh.

Despite looking very similar, Creta is a more premium and more powerful model compared to the Maruti vehicle and is powered by a 1.4 liter diesel engine.

While Creta’s 1.4 liter engine also outputs 89 BHP like that of the Brezza, it has a higher torque rating compared to the Maruti model. In addition, Creta also comes in a 1.6 liter engine variant.

One of the big plus points for the Suzuki model is that it promises 24.30 km per liter of diesel — one the highest ever mileage ratings for any SUV in India — while the 1.4 liter Creta promises 21.38 kmpl.

Moreover, Maruti models have a reputation for being cheaper to own due to the easy availability of spare parts and service stations.

“We thank our customers for making Vitara Brezza the highest selling SUV. Within a short span, Vitara Brezza has redefined the urban SUV segment in India,” said Kenichi Ayukawa, Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki.

The strong performance of the car has come as a relief for its maker, which has been facing a slow but steady erosion of its dominance in the Indian market due to the entry of new competitors.

Many of Maruti Suzuki’s highly publicized models have failed to live up to expections in recent years.