Lenovo P2 priced at Rs 17,999 for 4 GB variant, higher than expected

Lenovo’s latest smartphone in India, the P2, has been launched at Rs 17,999 for the 4 GB version, which is about Rs 2,000 more than the expected price.

A cheaper option, at Rs 16,999, will also be available on Flipkart, but will come with only 3 GB of RAM.

The pricing makes the phone less value-for-money than many expected. However, the phone has some key features and specifications that set it apart, though the pricing is still on the higher side.

The most attractive aspect of the device will be its battery life. The Lenovo P2 will run for three days on a single charge, the company said, introducing the model.

The long battery life, the company said, is because of several reasons.

First, it has the biggest the battery of any Lenovo smartphone ever, at 5.1 Ah.

Secondly, it has an AMOLED display, which according to the company results in 5-7% less power consumption. The display also is more vibrant compared to traditional LCD screens.

Finally, it has a super efficient chipset in the form of Snapdragon 625.

The company has not yet revealed the pricing of the model.

The charging is 24 watts, which is 20% faster than the fastest-charging device in India.

In other words, said the company, 15 minutes of charging will give 10 hours of ‘normal’ usage.

The phone also comes with ‘secure mode’, which is a semi-locked-down mode where most of the notifications are not available.

You can watch the live unveiling of the device below.