Reliance Jio cuts free data from 4GB to 1GB per day; Welcome Offer replaced by Happy New Year


Reliance Jio said it would cut the daily data allowance of its users from 4GB to 1GB starting from Jan 1.

Existing (or old) users will continue to get 4 GB per day till Dec 31. On Jan 1, they will be moved from the Welcome Offer to the new ‘Happy New Year’ offer with the reduced data cap.

Anyone who buys a new connection starting from Dec 4 will only get the Happy New Year offer.

This will prevent a small minority of users from spoiling the user experience for the majority of users, Ambani said.

The reduction in data allowance was expected, as the company would have found it difficult to grow its user base without addressing issues of congestion caused by free usage.

Ambani said 80% of the Welcome Offer users were using 1 GB or less per day, but the other 20% were impacting service quality by their higher usage.

He said about 8% of Jio towers experienced congestion during the Welcome Offer due to abnormally high usage.

“92% of our towers have been experiencing high speeds consistently,” he said, adding that Jio will continue to work on the network to ensure that even the 8% towers that do experience congestion are also given extra capacity to ensure a flawless experience for all users.

“We are delivering 4 times data as all other telecom operators combined.. and striving to improve it even further and live up to the expectation of every single Jio customer.”

Ambani also said that interconnect points have started coming from other operators.

“We continue to monitor this capacity.. over the past months, call block rates have come down from over 90% to nearly 20% as of yesterday.

Ambani also announced big plans to expand the Jio Money platform in India to take advantage of the new cashless ecosystem being developed by the country.

You can watch the entire speech below:

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