Indian Army conducts ‘surgical strikes’ on Pakistan border


The Indian Army said it conducted ‘surgical strikes’ along infiltration ‘launch points’ along the Indo-Pak border.

The action has since ceased, but the Indian army is “fully prepared for any contingency that may arise,” Director General Military Operations (DGMO), Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said.

He said several militants have been killed as part of the operation, which was conducted upon getting intelligence inputs.

“Significant damage has been caused to the terrorists and those who tried to support them,” the DGMO added.

Times Now channel, which is known for its ‘patriotic approach’, reported that some Pakistani army men were killed in the operation, but there were no fatalities on this side of the border.

India said it has conveyed its concerns to the DGMO of Pakistan and updated the latter of the operational details.

“It is our intention to maintain peace, but we cannot allow terrorists to act with impunity,” he added.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the attack and said his country’s desire for peace should not be interpreted as its weakness.

According to sources, these are not the first such strikes that the Indian Army has carried out on the border, but it is the first time publicity is being given to these. The Indian government has been under media pressure in recent days to act against Pakistan.

There was no use of air power, and the total strikes numbered eight.

Singh reminded Pakistan about the 2004 agreement with India under which the country had promised that it won’t allow its territory to be used to launch terrorist attacks against India.

However, said Singh, several militants have been apprehended in India in recent days who have confessed to being trained in Pakistan.

“We expect the Pakistan Army to cooperate with India” in removing terrorism in India, Singh added.

The surgical strikes were conducted yesterday evening, the DGMO said.

The move is likely to be seen more as a public posture, rather than a big break in India’s strategic and military approach with regard to its northern neighbour.

The two South Asian nations have never been the best of friends since their formation almost 70 years ago.

Pakistan was created as a separate homeland for Muslims from former British territories. However, India — home to a bigger population of Muslims compared to Pakistan — suspects its neighbour of trying to splinter it along religious lines.
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