WATCH LIVE: Yogendra Yadav speaks on Reservations in India

Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav is all set to speak at the TEDx conference at AIIMs in Delhi on the subject of Reservations in India.

The topic has always been the subject of a huge amount of consternation, especially among those sections of society that do not qualify for reservations.

Introduce as positive discrimination to counter traditional restrictions that were imposed on certain communities and castes in the past, the move aims to rectify the impact of these ancient customs by setting apart a certain number of seats and positions for these communities.

India gives 15% reservations for castes that were subjected to untouchability, 7% to traditional tribes and 27% to other castes and communities that are currently considered backward in terms of education and social status due to the result of traditional caste prejudice.

The total proportion of reservation in India is close to 50%. Some states, such as Kerala and Rajasthan, have tried to set apart fixed number of seats to ‘forward’ or ‘general’ category of applicants as well. However, most such attempts have been struck down by the courts as unconstitutional.

You can watch the live stream of Yogendra Yadav’s speech below.

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