Solved: The mystery of the missing 4G plans in Reliance Jio AGM presentation

jio-tariffIt looks like there was some confusion in the way the tariff chart for Reliance Jio’s new 4G service was presented at the annual general meeting of Reliance Industries.

When RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani said: Here are the ten plans of Reliance Jio, many were busy counting the tariff schemes on the screen, and sure enough there were only seven there.

The mystery of the ‘missing three’ has been solved thanks to the full presentation that was emailed to investors after the event.

It looks like Reliance Jio officials split the tariff chart into two slides. The first one showed only the 28-day validity packs and the second one showed the lower validity ones.

So, in the second chart — which people missed at the AGM — there are indeed three more plans starting from a single-day validity one to a 21-day validity pack.

If you were expecting something super cheap and revolutionary, you’ll be disappointed to know that these are essentially the truncated versions of Jio’s 499 plan that offers unlimited voice and night 4G downloading, along with 4 GB of daytime data usage.

However, unlike the Rs 499 pack, these ones do not have a full month (or 28-day) validity, but they do offer unlimited calls and night 4G.

The first plan costs Rs 19, the second Rs 129 and the third Rs 299.

The main difference between these plans is the difference in validity. The first one is valid only for 1 day, the second for 7 and the third for 21.

Otherwise, all three offer the same unlimited benefit of voice and nighttime LTE. The other difference is that the Rs 19 plan gives you only 100 MB of daytime LTE usage, while 129 gives 750 MB of daytime usage and the 21-day pack gives 2 GB.

With this, Jio’s line-up of ten plans has been completed.

This would indicate that there are no special plans for Mifi devices or JioLink Wifi router setup, or they may be announced later.

Given that the JioLink device is also intended for small businesses, chances of the company offering cheaper daytime data rates for these device customers are very high. As we’ve noted before, given the current tariffs, it doesn’t make a lot of sense for small enterprises and other daytime consumers to use the new company’s 4G services as a data connectivity option given Airtel’s new plans.

In case you missed it, here are the remaining seven schemes.