Delhi awareness drive saves Tata Power enough to light thousands of homes

club-enerjiTata Power said it had saved enough energy through an awareness program in New Delhi to light up thousands of homes in the city.

The company said it saved around 9.5 lakh units of power.

It did this by creating energy conservation clubs in 25 schools across the city.

Tata Power said its Club Enerji movement in New Delhi currently has 4,266 Energy Champions and 2,645 Energy Ambassadors across schools. The initiative reached across to around 2.2 lakh citizens in Delhi, according to Tata Power.

In FY15-16, the Club members have collectively saved 3.5 million units of electricity and sensitized more than 2.5 million (25 lakh) citizens across the nation, Tata Power said.

Besides spreading awareness among students, Club Enerji also encourages its members to form their own mini clubs in their schools and societies to reach out to more citizens.