Shabana Azmi injured in SUV-truck collision

Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar

Acclaimed Indian actress Shabana Azmi has been seriously injured after her SUV rammed a truck from behind on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway on Saturday afternoon.

Javed Akthar, Shabana Azmi’s husband who was also there in the car during the time of the accident did not suffer any injuries.

Eyewitnesses revealed that the impact was so powerful, and the front passenger side of the SUV was completely destroyed. The pictures also showed minor injuries to the back of the truck.

Photos from the accident spot show Shabana Azmi’s car completely destroyed with crumpled bonnet and radiator.

Soon after the accident, Shabana Azmi was rushed to the MGM hospital in Navi Mumbai. She is now under treatment, and an update regarding her current health condition will be revealed in the medical bulletin which will be issued in the coming hours.

Initial reports suggested that she did not have any major visible injuries. However, pictures of her on social media showed a visibly shaken Azmi being laid down on the road.

Azmi and her husband have been active on social issues, besides being noted actors/celebrities. The two have represented the progressive, Muslim voice in India’s political discourse.

Shabana Azmi, daughter of Urdu poet Kaifi Azmi, made her debut in 1974, and soon she emerged as a leading actress in ‘parallel cinema” that played a crucial role in shaping a new wave in Bollywood.

Azmi has won the National Award five times, and she was honored with Padma Shri in 1998.