New York-based researcher offers ‘friend in need’ app for emotional distress

wayforwardHas your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you? Has your dog died? Do you feel there’s nobody there for you? Worry not, wayForward may be the answer to all your problems.

wayForward is a smartphone app helps to solve problems caused by stress, anxiety and other emotional or mental health issues in the comfort of their own homes through a “coach in your pocket” concept.

The app, launched by an eponymous ‘digital mental and emotional health company’ based in New York, uses techniques of Cognitive behavioral therapy and Mindfulness to lift your mood and move you away from negativity.

Navya Singh, a researcher at Columbia University, who developed wayForward along with a team of global experts in the field of psychology and executive coaching.

“The programme completely changes the way we tackle mental and emotional health issues as it focuses on preventive wellness, targeting problems much before they have disastrous consequences for ones career, family or personal health,” the company claims.

The programme enables users to access self-use modules and relaxation exercises on their own, as well as opt for a personal coach to guide them through this journey.

“Our mission is simple – to ensure that everyone has access to mental and emotional health support at all times. To accomplish this goal, we have created a solution based on scientifically proven techniques, which is available to users through their smart phones,” said Navya Singh.

“Mental and emotional health issues are more common than we imagine and impact almost every family, placing a significant burden on individual and society.

“Our research with users of the wayForward app in the US have shown that more than 80% cases showed improvement in just 3 weeks” she added.