Wipro launches file transfer service on Microsoft cloud platform


Wipro has launched a cloud-based file transfer service for enterprises.

Wipro’s Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) platform utilizes Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure.

File transfer software is used by companies to move large chunks of data from one location to another in a secure manner. Typical communication applications, such as email and messenger, do not support the transfer of very large files.

“Wipro’s MFTaaS solution is an effective solution to enterprises’ problem of large file transfer in B2B scenarios,” said Victor Morales, Vice President for Enterprise Partners Group, Microsoft.

The MFTaaS can potentially pare up to 30% total cost of ownership and up to 50% transaction pricing for clients, vis-a-vis traditional deployments, said Wipro.

The pricing of the service was not revealed.

Wipro said that the software has zero maintenance cost on cloud.

Wipro said that the software has faster latency on large file transfer across geographies and it also allows faster and secure on-boarding of new clients.

The software as a service platform will help enterprises in digital integration and cost-effective collaboration with their clients, partners and employees.

Wipro’s (MFTaaS) platform enables advanced digital integration on Microsoft Azure.