Japanese, Italian tourists least impressed by Indian hotels

Singapore and China are among countries where interest is on the rise for Indian accommodations, according to a Tripadvisor survey that also found Japanese and Italians to be the least impressed by Indian hotels and accomodations.
The rising interest is seen as a proxy for potential tourist opportunities.With traveller interest growing by 48 percent year-on-year, Singapore led the pack in increased interest from travellers looking at Indian properties.
“Emerging markets like Ukraine and China are also showing signs of promise as new inbound markets for India with traveller interest increasing by 43 percent and 33 percent, year-on-year, respectively,” Tripadvisor said.
“These top markets with the biggest increase in traveller interest for India based on travellers looking at Indian accommodations are consistent with the top markets researching India as a travel destination on TripAdvisor”
The top reviewer markets for Indian accommodations on TripAdvisor are consistent with those researching India accommodations on the site.
According to TripAdvisor data, travellers from the India, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, and Australia have contributed the most number of reviews on Indian accommodations in the past year.
A closer look at the average review ratings given to Indian accommodations by the top reviewer markets uncovers some interesting insights – that Italian and Japanese travelers are the least satisfied with accommodations in India. In 2013, travellers from these two countries gave Indian accommodations an average TripAvsior review rating of 4.00 and 4.02, out of a possible five, compared to the 4.10 global average review rating.
In contrast, Israeli travellers are the most satisfied guest, giving Indian accommodations an average TripAdvisor review rating of 4.23, in the past year. Irish and American travellers are also amongst the nationalities most pleased with Indian properties, giving them an average review rating of 4.25.
Top 10 markets with biggest increase in traveller interest for India1:
 (Showing year-on-year growth)
11.    Singapore
12.    Ukraine
13.    China
14.    Sweden
15.    Canada
16.    United States
17.    Japan
18.    Australia
19.    Saudi Arabia
20.    Russia
Top 10 markets for Indian accommodations in terms of overall traffic2:
11.    India
12.    United States
13.    United Kingdom
14.    China
15.    Russia
16.    Australia
17.    France
18.    Germany
19.    Singapore
20.    Canada

The TripAdvisor study shows that while Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra are the top three most searched Indian destinations by TripAdvisor travelers in the past year, it is accommodations in Rajasthan that commend the highest average TripAdvisor review rating of 4.3 (out of a possible five).

Top 10 most searched Indian destinations by international travellers vs. their average TripAdvisor accommodation review ratings3:
India States / Territories ranked in order to popularity
Average accommodation review rating (on a scale of 1-5)
1.       Goa
2.       Kerala
3.       Maharashtra
4.       Rajasthan
5.       National Capital Territory of Delhi
6.       Tamil Nadu
7.       Karnataka
8.       Uttar Pradesh
9.       Himachal Pradesh
10.    West Bengal

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