UK’s no. 1 Carling Beer comes to India

Beer afficianados can look forward to one more global brand on the shelves as the UK’s no. 1 beer, Carling, has been launched in India.

The beer has been launched by its brand owner Molson Coors under a tie-up with Cobra Beer. Cobra is already a well known beer brand in India.


“As one of the largest beer markets in Asia, India presents an excellent opportunity for us to expand our global footprint. Our joint venture with Cobra India has seen the successful growth of our existing brands in the market and we are confident in the opportunity Carling presents as a premium lager in this growing market,” said Kandy Anand, President of Molson Coors International.

India is one of the largest beer markets in the Asia-Pacific region by volume. In 2013, Indians consumed more than 20 million hectolitres of beer.

The Premium Beer category is among the fastest growing category in the country growing by more than 49% in 2012-13. Molson Coors Cobra aims to tap this enormous potential with the Carling brand, together with its other brands, King Cobra and Iceberg 9000.

Molson Coors Cobra, a joint venture between the two companies, is already selling Cobra branded Indian beer in the UK.

Carling will be available in 300ml bottles for the Indian market.

Molson Coors Cobra India, the joint venture, operates a state of the art brewery located in Bihar.