Time 100 poll sees sudden support for Modi, raises him to top

BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi rose to the top of the TIME 100 chart on Monday after he got more than 5 lakh positive votes in a span of few hours.


Modi, who had got around 50,000 yes votes from Friday to Sunday, got about 5-6 lakh yes votes starting from about 11 am on Monday. By Monday evening, Modi had a total of about 10 lakh votes, with about 55% being positive and remaining negative.

In comparison, Modi had nearly 65% of total votes in the negative over the three days starting from Friday. The situation changed over a few hours on Monday.

It also reversed for Arvind Kejriwal, who was leading the race as of Sunday by a large margin. Over a few hours on Monday, Kejriwal has gone from over 80% positive to less than 50% positive.

Some Aam Aadmi Party supporters have been shocked by the change that happened in just a few hours. They are even petitioning TIME against what they think is rigging.

For now, Modi supporters, who were in dissaray for three days, are celebrating.