UDF faces anti-incumbency in Kerala local body polls

cpimThe Congress Party-led United Democratic Front faced a strong wave of anti-incumbency in the latest polls conducted in Kerala.

According to the results of the local body polls, the Left Front has made decisive gains across the state, with the Congress now placed at third place in the Trivandrum Municipal Corporation election behind the LDF and the BJP.

At present, LDF has leads in around 390 panchayats, while the UDF has leads in 320 and the NDA in 28.

In Municipalities, the LDF leads in 37, followed by the Congress-led front in 36 and BJP with zero.

In District Panchayats, the left front led with 7, followed by the UDF in 5.

In corporations, the left parties swept five out of the total six with one going to the Congress-led front.

The results could be seen as an indicator of what is in store next year when the left parties will again try to wrest control of the state assembly from the UDF.

At present, chief minister Ummen Chandy was hoping that BJP’s rise would split the opposition and help him remain chief minister after next year’s elections as well.