Bajaj Auto motorcycle Sept sales decline, but not as much as Honda’s


Bajaj Auto reported a 5% decline in its September motorcycle sales, in line with a broader weakening trend seen in bike sales for the month.

Total motorcycle sales fell to 3.3 lakh from 3.47 lakh a year ago during the month. However, three-wheeler and commercial vehicle sales increased by 3% to 54,172.

However, on a total basis, the numbers were down 4% year on year for September.

This implies that Bajaj Auto has wiped out whatever gains it had made this year in motorcycle volumes with total for the year so far remaining flat at 17.78 vs 17.74 last year.

Biggest competitor Honda Motorcycle also reported a drastic decline in motorcycle sales in September. HMSI reported a 18% decline in motorcycle sales for the month to 1.47 lakh.

However, Honda could offset the decline with a rise in the number of scooters from 2.41 lakh to 2.64 lakh for the month.