CNG, PNG prices cut in Delhi and Mumbai by MGL

cngMahanagar Gas Ltd, India’s biggest vendor of CNG fuel, has cut the price of the commodity after cuts by upstream providers such as ONGC and Reliance.

“Consequent to the reduction in the price of domestically produced natural gas by the Government of India, Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL) is pleased to reduce its CNG price by ₹. 1.05/Kg and Domestic PNG price by ₹. 0.54/ SCM with effect from midnight of October 01, 2015 – morning of October 02, 2015,” it said.

Accordingly, revised prices of CNG and domestic PNG in Mumbai will be Rs 41.90 per Kg and Rs 25.31 per cubic meter respectively.

“This price reduction is also being affected in the municipalities adjoining Mumbai after factoring in implications of local municipal Octroi/LBT and/or Cess rates. Revised prices (inclusive of local taxes) of CNG shall be in the range of Rs 41.90 per Kg to Rs 42.85 per Kg. The price of domestic PNG shall be in the range of Rs 25.31 to 25.62 per cubic meter in the areas adjoining Mumbai.

“With this reduction in CNG prices, MGL’s CNG continues to be a very attractive proposition to consumers and offers saving of about 58% and 20% as compared to petrol and diesel respectively at current petrol and diesel prices in Mumbai,” it said.