SpiceJet offers 1 lakh tickets at Re 1 if you buy the return tickets at full price


SpiceJet, India’s No. 2 airline, announced the return of its Re 1 Airfare Sale putting more than 1 lakh tickets at just Rs 1 excluding taxes and fees.

“Round-trip purchase is required, wherein the other leg of the journey is at regular fares. This offer is available on select domestic direct (non-stop) flights only, and is only purchasable on SpiceJet’s new Mobile App for Apple iOS and Android. The sale is not available through other channels,” SpiceJet said.

In effect, therefore, it amounts to a discount of 50% over the entire journey.

The three-day sale will be open on July 15 at 10 AM till Midnight, July 17, 2015. The travel period covered in this sale is July 15, 2015 to March 31, 2016. Under this promotion, only two round-trip tickets can be booked at the Sale Fare on a single mobile phone handset.

“SpiceJet has been recognized by industry experts as leading innovation in the Indian airline industry in recent times, as it has scripted a remarkable turnaround and returned to profitability,” said Sanjiv Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer, SpiceJet Limited.

“Our Re 1 sale last year shook up the industry. It catalyzed a new approach to pricing in the industry resulting in market growth at record levels, benefitting millions of travelers and stimulating the entire economy in the process,” he added.

“This year the Re 1 Sale is back with a twist: it is based on round-trip purchase where one leg of the journey is at the regular fare. This sale is only available through our hot new Mobile App for Apple iOS and Google Android. So hurry, download the App today, because tickets available under this sale are limited!” Mr. Kapoor concluded.

SpiceJet recently unveiled its all-new Mobile App, through which customers-on-the-go will find it more convenient than ever before to book and manage bookings, check their flight’s status, and receive exclusive offers on their mobile devices with just a few taps on the screen. The App also allows customers to book or add SpiceJet add-on products such as SpiceMAX, preferred seats, meals, etc. Customers can also pre-book excess baggage at discounted rates through this App. Flight changes, cancellations, and refunds can also be easily handled through the App.

Tickets bought under this Red Hot Spicy Re 1 Sale are non-refundable (statutory taxes are refundable) and non-changeable. There is limited inventory under the offer, and seats are available on first-come, first-served basis only. Availability depends on route, flight, date, and time of day.

SpiceJet can be credited with turning around consumer interest in the aviation sector a couple of years ago by aggressively cutting prices.

Its first scheme also saw hundreds of seats being made available for Rs 1. The discounts and offers put out by the airline forced its competitors to follow suit by making similar offers.

Flipkart too had made similar app-only offers in an effort to get customers to download and install its app on their phones. Once the app is installed, the companies can push advertisements and promotions to users’ phones at practically zero cost.