Anna calls Ramlila put-down a ‘crime against humanity’, says government putting up obstacles in Lokpal

Veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare has termed the crushing of Baba Ramdev’s agitation on Saturday a “crime against humanity” and compared it to the Jalianwalah Bagh massacre, “but for the shooting.”

He alleged that the Government has been putting up obstacles in the process of framing the Lokpal bill.

“If this keeps on happening, I state, in front of this Gandhi memorial, that we will have to keep fighting the battle we started on April 5,” he urged his followers. “The only difference today is that instead of white rules, we have black rulers.. True independence is still very far from us,” he said.

Hazare urged followers to stick to the non-violent path, which, he pointed out, is much more powerful than breaking or setting fire to things.

“The government has strong defences against violent agitators, it will crush you with those if you act violently.. but it has nothing to defend itself against non-violent means.

“I have been fighting for 25 years.. What do I have? I live in a temple. I have only a plate to eat from and a bed to sleep on.. Yet I have been able to take the wickets of six cabinet ministers. If there had been even a slight hint of violence, this government would have crushed my agitations,” he reminded his followers.

“I have not been to my house in 35 years.. I have three brothers, but I don’t know the names of children.. I don’t have a rupee in the bank, but I have lots of happiness. Why do people live? For happiness, and I have lots of it. True happiness does not come from money,” he said.

“Some say I could have become a minister or an MLA. Why would I have become a minister or MLA? I would not have got the same kind of happiness if I had become a minister or MLA. My happiness is permanent… True happiness can only come from within.. not from acquiring objects or positions,” he said.

“I was 26 when I got hold of a book by Vivekanand. I decided I will become a grain that goes under ground… It is the same grain that goes into the flour mill and to the ground. The one that goes into the ground does not make you bread, but it gives you thousand other grains that can,” he pointed out, clearly in a mood to inspire his gathered followers.

“A minister gave Rs 30 lakh to kill me. The assailant said, I can kill those with him, but I cannot kill Anna, he is a Sanyasi.”

“Why am I telling you all this? I am telling you this because you are willing to fight for the true independence. Keep your character, your soul clean. You will be facing many atrocities… Now the ‘owner’ believes he is the subject and the servant believes he is the owner. We have to put both in their right places in the second war of independence,” he said.

He also urged the government to get out of its ‘ahankar’ (feeling of separation) from the people. “I want to tell the government that we are both the same. There is no dichotomy. All that divides us is the feeling in your mind that you are the master and we are the subjects. Realize that we are one,” he advised.

“Let us sit together and talk. Don’t go behind backs and speaks. We never do it. Let’s speak to each other. We are one,” he said.


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