Tata Motors global wholesale numbers up 2.2% in May


The Tata Motors Group’s global wholesales of vehicles rose 2.2% year on year to 79,244 vehicles, the company said. The number is higher by 2% compared to the previous month as well.

Unlike retail sales, wholesale refers to the sale of vehicles to agencies like defence forces, other companies and so on.

Most of the modest growth in the wholesale segment came from passenger vehicles, while commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, pick-ups etc) were largely flat.

Global wholesales of all commercial vehicles – Tata, Tata Daewoo and the Tata Hispano Carrocera range — fell to 29,063 from 29,161 a year ago.

On the passenger side, the number rose to 50,181 from 48,414. Tata passenger vehicles sales in May 2015 were 11,302.

Global wholesales for Jaguar Land Rover were 38,879 vehicles. Jaguar wholesales for the month were 7,347 vehicles, while Land Rover wholesales for the month were 31,532 vehicles.