Delhi Elections Exit Poll Results – AAP to win 35-45 seats

The Aam Aadmi Party made a clean sweep of Delhi, according to all the exit polls conducted so far.

The AAP is seen winning between 35-45 seats, while the BJP is expected to win 22-28 seats according to the exit poll results.

The absolute decimation of the Congress Party seems to have worked to AAP’s advantage in these Delhi elections.

A negative campaign run by the BJP in the last days also seems to have dented the right-of-center party’s strong vote-base among the trader class, known as Baniyas.
Latest exit poll results





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35-43 39 53 48 28 31-39 39-43


23-29 28 17 22 31 27-35 25-29


1-3 3 0-2 0 8 2-4 1-3

Baniyas and Brahmins who formed the backbone of BJP’s votebase, were split almost equally between AAP and BJP, while most other communities devoted more votes to the AAP.

According to Today’s Chanakya-News 24 exit poll, BJP did not win more votes than AAP even in a single community.

The Chanakya News 24 survey also said its numbers were taken as late as 6 pm, when the gates of the voting centers were closed.

Delhi BJP CM Candidate Kiran Bedi had said that the exit polls were wound up by 3 pm.

Today’s Chanakya Community Vote analysis

OBC 34 44
SC 29 55
BANIYA 35 41
SIKH 37 42

“Delhi’s voters have voted as citizens,” said an Aam Aadmi leader. “They have not voted as Baniyas or Brahmins, SCs or Muslims, but as Citizens of Delhi.”

The stakes are high for both parties. While the Aam Aadmi Party will lose much of its political significance if it fails to make an impact in this elections, the BJP will see its own internal dynamics change if its loses, especially if it loses badly when the results are out.By 4 pm, 56% of the votes had been cast. Going by the trend, a total of 70% of the votes are likely to be cast today. In 2013, turnout was 66%.

Voting percentage in low-income areas, such as trans-Yamuna, has been especially high and on track to cross the 75% mark.

BJP’s national face and star campaigner, PM Modi, has been extensively made use of in Delhi elections, despite the fact that the Delhi government is only as powerful as a local government body like the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC.

Exit poll results are expected to start trickling in by 6 PM and we’ll be the first to bring them to you. Meanwhile, you can give your own take on the elections below. Results of our poll will be unveiled at around 6 pm today.
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