Religious man denies breastmilk to newborn for 24 hrs

tv-grabA man from God’s own country has come under social media fire for preventing his wife from feeding their newborn child over religious reasons.

The incident took place on Wednesday around 2 PM, at the EMS co-operative hospital in Mukkam in Kozhikode district, Kerala, where 24-year-old Hafsath refused to breastfeed her newborn baby, when the nurse asked to do so.

The mother of two from Omasseri in Kozhikode district said her husband Aboobackar had prohibited her from breastfeeding the baby until five calls for prayer from the mosque were completed, which would take 24 hours.

The doctors and the staff at the hospital were taken aback at the incident and tried to convince the man about the importance of breastfeeding a baby soon after the delivery, which is essential for the good health of both the baby and the mother alike.

According to media reports, the baby’s father was advised by a Muslim preacher that new born babies should not need to be breastfed before the calls for prayer were completed.

Aboobacker said his elder son was also breastfed after 23 hours and that the boy was completely healthy.

The man said that he would take complete responsibility even if the baby passed away, but won´t allow, in any circumstances, breastfeed his newborn.

After several tries form the police and the hospital staff, the hospital authorities took a note from Aboobacker stating that the hospital is not in any manner responsible for anything that might happen to the newborn.

After failing to convince Aboobacker, the hospital authorities sought the help of police officials. Mukkam Sub Inspector Salim took charge and tried to convince the father.

But despite the efforts, Aboobacker didn´t change his stand.

After the police left the hospital on Wednesday, Aboobacker forcefully sought discharge and left the hospital by 7.30pm.

The incident has become a big talking point on social media.

A few months earlier, another couple were in the headlines after the wife, trapped in a river, refused to be rescued by “anyone other than her husband”. Unfortunately for her, the husband did not know how to swim and the lady had to be forcibly rescued.

On the other hand, the widespread publicity given to such incidents have cause discomfort among religious people, who believe that they should be allowed to practise their beliefs without state or social interference.