Noble Skiodo launches washing machines at Rs 5,999 on Amazon

skiodo-washing-machienAfter establishing its presence in smart TV business with Amazon India, Noble Skiodo, has launched its washing machines on the website with a starting price at just Rs 5999 ahead of the upcoming festive season.

Noble Skiodo is offering three price points — Rs 5,999, 7,999 & 9,999.

The company is a new-generation TV brand that has launched all its models on Amazon so far, keeping its marketing and advertising costs close to zero.

This in turn has helped the company keep its prices among the lowest in the country.

Noble Skiodo plans to come up with series of automated machines and front loading washing machines which shall add to its range of products at affordable prices.

The brand has already achieved success in its 3 models which are being selled at Amazon.

In the first phase the company plans to launch 10 more new models with 2 years of home service.

“The company aims to reach 50,000 customers before Diwali,” says the company.

The genesis of Noble Skiodo lies in the technological liaison of Noble Skiodo Technologies with an American company SKIODO.