Almebic Pharmaceuticals receives inspection report from USFDA

alembicAlembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., said it received an Establishment Inspection Report from the United States Food and Drug Administration for the inspection carried out at their formulation facility at Panelav, Gujarat.

The FDA has the authority to inspect any establishment in which food is manufactured, processed, packed, or held, in search of contamination.

Upon completion of such an inspection, the FDA will generate an “Establishment Inspection Report” detailing any problems found. Where problems are found, the FDA will instruct the owner of the inspected facility how to proceed in resolving those problems.

The company did not specify further details of the inspection report.

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited was established in 1907 in Vdodara, India.

The company manufactures chemicals, pharmaceuticals, injections,penicillin,antibiotics, etc.

It also focuses on generating electricity, manufacture of electronic items, etc.