Lincoln Pharma develops oral spray version of Ondansetron anti-nausea drug

ondaLincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd said it developed and launched an oral spray version of Ondansetron anti-nausea drug.

Ondansetron is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer drug treatment (chemotherapy), radiation therapy and also in the prevention and treatment for nausea and vomiting after surgery. The medication is also more helpful during motion sickness.

Presently the Ondansetron formulation is available in the form of Tablet, Syrup and Injectable.

Ondansetron as Oral spray is developed first time in India as it the formulation is only available in U.S. market only, the company said.

The medication was developed at the company´s manufacturing unit near Ahmedabad.

The Pharma company has done the Bio-Equivalent Study for Ondansetron Oral Spray and got the DCGI permission.

The all India level anti-emetic drug market, which includes Ondansetron, is Rs. 678 Crores. It has an all over India market of Rs. 303 Crores.

Lincoln offers products, such as tablets, capsules, liquid injection, cream in tubes, dry power injection, liquid in bott, liquid injection and pharma products.

Its products include Tinnex, which is a medication for treating cochlear synaptic tinnitus; Pa 12 Proglet, which is a 1000 milligram programmed released paracetamol that is developed to offer control of pain and fever; and ARH 1, which is an anti-malarial drug that is formulated utilizing technology known as dose optimization technology.