Opto Circuits subsidiary enters global market with Freeway coated shunt baloon catheter

Opto Circuits, a medical technology group, said its wholly owned subsidiary, Eurocor GmbH, entered the global market with their Freeway coated shunt baloon catheter.

Freeway coated shuntbaloon catheter is used for arteriovenous (AV) access to help patients with end-stage renal disease. It also helps to reduce re-intervention and preserves future treatment options.

Following the 1st release on the launch of AV Fistula balloon, 500 units had been manufactured and international shipment against orders been executed, said the company.

The balloon is indicated for Patients who undergo dialysis as they suffer from end stage renal failure. Stenosis and subsequent restenosis of the dialysis shunt graft is a common complication. The treatment of this stenosis is mandatory to protect AV fistulas and shunt grafts from early resternosis.

Eurocor’s drug-eluting technology PTA balloon FREEWAY has been developed as an alternative to the limitations of existing therapeutic to PAD e.g. restenosis after POBA or stenting.

The coating makes the difference – FREEWAY uses a proprietary homogenous coating Eurocor’s DEB technology utilises a homogenous drug coating, which is released when the balloon is expanded. This inhibits the proliferation of smooth muscle cells, and may prevent restenosis by disturbing microtubule formation and thereby inhibiting cell division and migration. Paclitaxel is applied in a final concentration of 3 pg/mm2 to the surface of the balloon.

Eurocor is a European Life Sciences Technology Corporation specializing in the research, development and manufacture of cardiovascular and endovascular products.

Eurocor GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opto Eurocor Healthcare Limited and is part of the Opto Circuits Group.