Uflex develops long-shelf-life package solution


Uflex, India´s largest FMCG packing company, said it developed an product that can potentially give the company an entry into long-shelf-life packing market.

Like in other countries, the market for long-shelf-life beverages in India is dominated by Europe-based Tetra Pak. However, the relatively high cost of the pack has prevented mass adoption in India.

UfleX said it has developed ESL Aseptic Flexi-Pouch Machine for packaging milkthat can extend the shelf life of the product upto 90 days.

¨ESL Aseptic Flexi-Pouch Machine for packaging milk is the first of its kind machine that is made in India by Uflex. It is almost 30% cheaper than its imported substitute,¨ the company said.

The Uflex solution only works with pouches, while Tetra Pak produces both boxes and pouches.

Uflex said the new machine, which is built in India and not imported, offers several long-term advantages.

¨The cost of this special laminate will be slightly higher than the pouch structures that are currently available, but this will be more than offset by the fact that the shelf life of the product will be extended up to 90 days. Further the fact that this packaging solution will also alleviate the need of cold chain during transit and storage at points of sale will further accrue savings. Thus to sum up this option will be more economic and viable,¨ the company said

Using the new technology milk can be stored in normal conditions at the store for as long as 90 days, the company said.

This machine packs milk in a pouch that is formed of afive to seven layer film with strong barrier properties including a black layer for U.V. protection.

The machine has been manufactured with a special isolation Valve (Sterile Interlock) that does not allow the milk to flow from the UHT to the filling machine in case sterilisation of milkin UHT is incomplete or does not conform to the set specifications, it added.

¨After meticulous R&D of about 18 months, the Engineering Businessat Uflex has designed and brought out this machine which has been put under commercial run and validation at one of the largest milk packers in India.We are the only company in Indiato manufacture this machinewhich easily competes in quality with any European machine of this kind,¨ said Ajay Tandon, President & CEO, Engineering Business, Uflex.

Some of Uflex’s clients on the global turf include P&G, PepsiCo, Tata Global, Mondelez, L’Oreal, Britannia, Haldiram’s, Amul, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson among others.