Jet Airways opens priority check-in service to economy passengers

jet-airwaysJet Airways, an India based international airline, today opened up its ‘priority advantage’ fast check-in service for economy class passengers.

The service was earlier available only to passengers travelling by higher classes.

However, unlike JetPrivilege members, normal economy class traveller will have to pay extra for getting this service.

The service allows guests to check-in at Priority Advantage counters to have their baggage tagged and delivered on arrival along with other tagged baggage with priority.

The announcement comes a day after the airline said it was opening up pre-selection of seats to economy class passengers, also at extra cost.

Guests can add the ‘Priority Advantage’ service at the time of booking on or mobile app. They can also purchase this service through Manage Booking on the company’s website or mobile app, irrespective of the booking source.

“The ‘Priority Advantage’ service is complimentary for all Platinum and Gold members of JetPrivilege- Jet Airways’ loyalty and frequent flyer programme. Similarly, Priority Check-in will be available free of cost to all JetPrivilege Silver members at six metro airports across the country”, the airline company said.

Guests booking from airline’s any international country websites will be charged an equivalent of Rs 400 in their local currency. In cases of through check-in, the amount will be charged only once

Jet Airways is India’s international airline which operates flights to 67 destinations, including India and overseas.