Government launches online library for blind people with TCS

daisyThe government, in association with NGOs, set up an online library called Sugamaya Pustakalaya for visually impaired people.

This online platform offers e- books across diverse subjects and languages and multiple accessible formats and is powered by TCS access.

With the help of SugamAya Pustakalaya — set up with the help of Daisy Forum of India — the visually impared can search a book of his choice at the click of a button without any external help.

One can read the publications on any device of his choice- mobile phones, tablets, computers, DAISY players or even in Braille using refreshable Braille displays.

He could also request for a Braille copy through member organizations that have Braille presses.

The online library, set up by Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, integrates similar libraries across India and the globe, including Bookshare, allowing users to access over 2 lakh books in diverse languages.

For using his platform one need to be a registered print-disabled member with one of Daisy Forum member organizations.

This library can also be accessed in Universities, School Library, Public Libraries or any such institution by becoming a member of Daisy foundation or subscribe to the online library to offer the entire collection of the Sugamaya Pustakalaya to their members or students with print disabilities. Educational institutions can also contribute accessible format books produced for their students.

Publishers, government houses, textbook publications, NGOs, and corporates can also get access to this online platform by becoming a member and can also contribute to this library.