Preamble controversy :Are liberals losing the plot?

The popular impression is that the political right wing is dogmatic, unreasonable etc, while the left-liberals are the people who listen to logic and reason. But is it really so? The latest ‘controversy’ over the “deleted words” from the preamble of India’s constitution forces us to rethink such notions. For those who’ve just climbed out […]

Land of Mayawati leads in cases of discrimination against scheduled caste, OBC students

Uttar Pradesh sees the highest number of complaints of discrimination against students belonging to the scheduled castes and other backward classes, according to government data. Uttar Pradesh, which accounts for about 17% of India’s total population, accounted for 57% of the total complaints regarding discrimination against students belonging to scheduled castes and other backward classes. […]

Is Narendra Modi the new OBC Messiah?

It must be one of the great ironies of Indian politics that it was a party known for its staunchly upper caste base that finally brought OBC wave to national politics. While many political observers have praised the BJP for “destroying the caste politics” of backward leader Mulayam Singh Yadav and dalit leader Kumari Mayawati, […]